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A fauvism painter in Verneuil-sur-Avre

Portrait de Maurice De VlaminckMaurice de Vlaminck is born in Paris in 1876. His father is a violonist of flamish origin and his mother is a pianist from the Lorraine region.  Vlaminck is rebellious, nonconformist and refuses to be told what to do.

At 15, he receives a bicycle from his parents. This gift gives him the opportunity to explore the country side, villages and valleys at any season and beyond that, inspire him.

Later he paints the landscapes as he sees them : movement, mix of colors.

But he has a hard time to live from his painting, specially since his early exhibitions are greatly criticized. So, to earn money to live, he becomes a mechanic in a bike workshop, teaches violin and plays in several orchestras. Keen on sport, he successfuly participates to bicycling and sailing competitions.

Vlaminck meets Derain and Matisse in the early 20th century and, with them, initiates the Fauvism. In 1905, he exhibits at the “Salon d’Automne” and the “Salon des Indépendants”. He is part of the “cage aux fauves”.

From 1914, starting to be recognized, he exhibits his work all over the world. Beside his painting, Vlaminck also writes novels, poetry and essays : D’un lit à l’autre (1902), Tout pour ça (1903), Âmes de mannequins (1907), Tournants dangereux (1929), le Ventre ouvert (1937), Portraits avant décès (1943), Paysage et personnages (1953).  He is interested by ceramics as well.

In 1925, he and his family settled in La Tourillière in Rueil-la-Gadelière.

He paints and writes, inspired by the landscapes around him, where he spends most of his time.

Number of artists come to visit him : Bourvil, Joséphine Backer, Georges Simenon, Marcel Aymé, the sculptor Paul Belmondo who will create Vlaminck’s bust sculpture, now set in front of Rueil’s townhall.

Vlaminck dies on Oct 11th 1958 in Rueil.

Download a brochure about Vlaminck’s life and graphic work.