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Eure, NormandyThe architecture of the church still bears traces of its Romanesque origin with the use of the grison stone, the stone used at the time. However, a lot of changes have been made, especially after the fire that devastated it in 1807. The square bell tower made of bricks with a spire has been added to the building since 1842.

Inside, the church still comprises of its traditional benches in wood and enclosed, giving it a special atmosphere. Connaisseurs will be attracted by the two statues from the XV century, The Madonna with Child and Sainte Anne in wood, and the high altar dating from Louis XIV period.

The four windows of the choir are the only ones decorated with stained-glass windows, depiciting anonymous ornamental engravings dating back to the second half of the XIX century. The nave is made of Cathedral yellow glass.

The organ conserved in the choir bears the mark of its makers Dumont and Lelièvre des Andelys, post. 1888.

Open everyday to the public from april until october and on weekends the rest of the year,

Practical informationAddress : 27130 Les Barils
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  • Les Barils