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retour La Vallée d’Iton – Iton river valley


lavoir_st_ouen_dattez62 km / 38 miles from Bourth to Villalet

The river Iton flows through plains and forests. Farms, tatch roof cottages, chateaus, churches, water mills and wash houses can be seen along the river.

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Common Crossings
  • Bourth
  • Cintray
  • Condé-sur-Iton
  • Damville
  • Francheville
  • Gouville
  • Le Roncenay-Authenay
  • Le Sacq
  • Manthelon
  • Roman style
  • Saint Nicolas d'Attez
  • Saint Ouen d'Attez
  • Sylvains-les-Moulins
  • Villalet