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Espace loisirs de l'Iton - DamvilleUse your smartphone or your tablet to discover the fauna and the flora of this area, and help you practice your sense of direction! A QR Code installed at every distance marker will immediately redirect you on the app “course inse 27“. Surfing the website, you will be able to choose the trip you want to do, from a choice of 4 tours, according to the difficulty and the interest level. Every marker found will explain to you the characteristics of the animal, the tree or of the plants there. 

The tours:

Wildlife: Confirm the number displayed by typing the name of the animal that corresponds to it, another marker will appear if the answer is right. You will discover 26 different species.

Flora: Fifteen tree species. Confirm the tag number by entering the tree corresponding to it, another marker will appear if the answer is right.

Edible and medicinal plants: Plants unknown with incredible virtues. Choose a symbol, you will find a first letter that will return you to another letter and so on … You choose the plant by putting the letters in order. You can review the plant in question. Be sure to follow the chosen symbol and remember well the letters until the end of the riddle!

Race “Cétaki”: This race allows toddlers to discover the animals of the site through drawings. When the drawing is displayed on the map, the child must then locate the plane and around him, to go up to the tag. Made the right place, the child can stretch in learning the alphabet by validating the design with the letter on the back of the tag!

A picnic area and toilets are available on site.

Facilities and services
  • Picnic area
  • Pets on leash welcome
  • Canoe
  • Pédalo