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Escape Game


What is an escape game ? It is an investigation cooperative game where the goal is to solve enigmas and logical puzzles. All the players are locked in a room and have 1 hour to dig up clues to solve the enigmas and win.


3 scenarios offered :

#The gathering of the black magicians, this scenario is suitable for families from 8 years old and for experienced players. Level of difficulty 3/5. A maximum of 5 players.

The word has spread in the village that black magicians are up to something. As a young and fearless adventurer, you have just found the place where they gather. Will you be able to find out about their plans, stop them and survive?

#The mysterious disappearance of private investigator Edward Mc Fallen, a scenario more complex designed for experienced adults. Level of difficulty 4/5. A maximum of 5 players.

Private investigator Edouard MC Fallen has been reported missing for several days. As a local investigator, you have one hour ahead of the other inspectors to search his office before the authorities remove you from this sensitive case…

 # Urbex in the St-Nicolas Abbey (in Verneuil-sur-Avre), this scenario is suitable for a family from 8 years old on certain days only : see dates in the schedule. Level of difficulty 2/5. A maximum of 6 players(8 if children).

Fond of urban exploration, you have decided to visit the Abbey, but nothing is going to go according to plan…A blow, a door slams and gets locked. Here you are, locked in the Abbey…In one hour, the architects from the French architectural review board arrives. You have to find an escape route if you don’t want to end up in the police station….

Escape Game detective Escape Game Urbex Abbaye Escape Game Magicien nois
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